Joan Marie Ambrose

This is the Culmination of Joan Ambrose’ Lifelong Mission…to bring awareness of the Power Angels into the world so they can help and support you in your life as they have supported her in her life.

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We are proud to announce the first of 12 Power Angel Books
This first one is :”Angel Michael Comes to Visit“.

Do you know a child like this?
Afraid of the dark and hates to be in their own room. 

This book will help create a sense of safety for you and your child.

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Power Angels – Angel Michael Comes to Visit

We have written stories about the Power Angels, the Lit’l Messengers who come to Earth to teach wonderful life lessons to young child. This Hardbound copy can become a family heirloom to be cherished for generations.

Hardcover Collectors Edition
ONLY $21.95

Power Angel Cards for Children and Adults

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The Huggin Pillow

Powerful FREE Angel Meditations

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Power Angels

A Passion for better understanding the Mission of the Power Angels

The Power Angels are God’s Messengers of Light given to humanity to offer us support, encouragement, clarity of vision and so much more. Invite them into your life and allow them to inspire you and keep you safe.

Our Company Child Like Creations (CLC) offers numerous products to assist you on your journey through life so you can feel more connected and interconnected with the Universal Flow of energy, that we are all a part of. We focus on the wellbeing of individuals and families and we have work to create products that encompass those values and goals. Our Power Angels the Lit’l Messengers from God, our Creator brings about this awareness as they take on the role of powerful and inspirational friends and mentors.

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